SQ5 Alloy Wheel

Finding a vehicle garage that you can trust that does the services you need and at a reasonable price can be a difficult process. There are many options available but finding the one best for you can cause a lot of confusion and time spent searching. Here at Scuff “N” Scratch because we have so many years of experience, we get asked from people who live outside of the areas we cover how to find the best automotive body shop, in this blog post we share with you how.

Know the services you need

Because you start to look for body shops we would suggest that you should have know what services you require, this is to make the process much clearer and easier. There may be a chance that you find a body shop with a really good reputation but doesn’t provide the services you require. Here at Scuff “N” Scratch we offer services, such as car scratch repairs in Aylesbury and because of our time in the industry we are able to suggest companies that other services we don’t and many other body shops will do the same.

Where to find an automotive body shop

When you know the service you require you should start look for companies that cover your areas.


Google is probably the easiest place to start your search. You should search for the service and the area, for example alloy wheel repair in Buckingham. Look at the companies website and see if they offer the service you require.

Social media:

Social media is a fantastic tool to look for companies as you can easily see past work and reviews from customers. When using social media you should send out a tweet or status asking your follows/friends if they know a good body shop, this may give you a few options.


Most body shop centres will be listed on various online directories; you should have a look at directory sites and see if you can find a company that covers your requirements.

Contact the body shop

When you have found the body shop and had a look on their website you should contact them directly for more information and to book.

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