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If you are in need of a good local Car Refurbishment garage but you are unsure of where to go, then it could be quite hard to find the right garage that will specialise in your specific requirements. But there are easier ways to find these garages without having to do a trial and error system.

Local Directories

To find a good local car refurbishment garage, you can easily go on a search engine find local ‘car refurbishment garages in (your local area)’ this will lead you to local directories where local garages that would be recommended are listed for you to find. Some websites require a description from the company that you are looking out. Once you have read these, you will see if they can carry out the services you require.


Reading reviews are also a good way of finding a good garage. If you find a garage online that you would like to know other peoples experience with their services then you can go on review sites such as ‘Review Centre’, type in the company’s name that you would like to find out more about and read the reviews that previous customers have left for them.


The simplest way to find the car refurbishment garage that you require is to ask people you may know, who they would recommend as they might have been in the same situation as you and found a good garage that may be able to help your needs too. Plus, if you are recommended by someone then you will hear a truthful review about the company. By being recommended you are more guaranteed that your car refurbishment service will be more positive as you will also have someone else’s experiences to go by.


I was recommended to Scuff N Scratch by a friend who said their Car Refurbishment in Milton Keynes was outstanding… They weren’t lying! I’m so happy with my new refurbished car! Would recommend Scuff N Scratch to anyone!

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