BMW 3s Finished

You may be looking through our services and thinking

“Well, which one do I need?”

At Scuff’n’Scratch we appreciate that it can be tricky to diagnose which service is either right for you, or how to differentiate between the services themselves. During this article, we hope to make clear the difference between our services, making it easier for you to understand and hopefully together we can make a beneficial decision on how to improve your vehicle.

Who our Services are aimed for?

Our services are aimed for anyone who may need car body repairs Milton Keynes. If you haven’t noticed already, we have two types of crash repair services, the first one being; Minor Crash Repair, this is for anyone who got into an accident or scuffed their car against a lamp post, when their friend was making that joke which caused you to hysterically laugh and crash into a lamp post, we’ve all been there!

Alternatively, the other repair service we offer is; Bumper Scuff Repair. Again, if you’ve been in accident, it doesn’t have to be recent. Our qualified mechanics are experts in restoring your bumper back to its bold self. Speaking of restoration, this swiftly follows through to our Paint Restore and Restoration service. It’s only normal for paint work to chip away once you’ve been in a car accident, we are here to make sure that this is quickly brought back to life. Using only the highest quality spray paints, your vehicle will be back to normal in no time at all.

What about our Other Services?

Your right! We have a further list of services, which can sound confusing. Here they are simplified for you, we hope this is easier for you to understand.

  • Alloy Wheel Refurbishment – This smooth and up to date wheel makes your journey a far more enjoyable one, this has become a popular service for us, so why don’t you join the trend?
  • Small Dent Repair & Paintless Dent Removal – Dents are inevitable. You just can’t avoid them I’m afraid, even if you are Lewis Hamilton. We provide this service to cover and repair ay viable dents on your car, restoring it back to the condition you first had it in.
  • Vandal Scratch Repair – One of the worst ways for a scratch/dent to appear, frankly because it wasn’t your fault! Appreciating the annoyance if this does occur, therefore our service should help give you peace of mind knowing any potential key marks on your car are vanished.
  • Full Resprays and Custom Bodywork – If you’ve had your vehicle for a long time, it is only natural for the paintwork to start to deteriorate. Not to worry, our full re-spray service will ensure you that vehicle has its original shine back.
  • Commercial Vehicles and Fleet – We also deal with commercial vehicles, if your occupation consists of needing a car/van, then rely on us to maintain its appearance and state on condition.
  • Machine Polishing and Detailing– Whether you’ve bought your car second hand or it’s starting to look a bit matte looking, our polishing service will help to restore your vehicles look. Giving it that crystal clear cover you’ve always wanted.
  • Make sense?

    We hope that the above has made it easier for you to understand our services, don’t be a stranger. If you need any of our services, then get in contact with us today!

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