The thought of breaking down either on a motorway, country road or even up the high-street is a scary none the less. The first immediate thought process is to panic whenever this happens, and sometimes we lose our common sense on what is the smartest thing to do next. During this article our team have come up with solutions on what to do when your car breaks down.

Breaking Down on a Motorway

This is probably one of the most daunting places to break down, especially if you are travelling on your own or for first time drivers. One of the things we here at Scuff ‘n’ Scratch Solutions stress enough is to never panic. You must think practically and quickly whenever you find yourself in a situation like this.

  • Park as far to the left of the road as possible, this way you are clear from other drivers and you make it easier for the break down recovery team to see you along the Motorway. If you find that the problem to why the vehicle broke down is due to wheel failure, you can always come to us for your Alloy Wheel Refurbishment to get you back on the road in no time.
  • Make sure that you look seen as well as your vehicle, there are thousands of vehicles which drive along the motorway every day. It is very easy for the recovery team to drive straight past you if you do not look obvious to them.
  • We can’t say enough that you shouldn’t try and repair any damages yourself, this is for the work of an expert, and whether you got into a minor crash when your car broke down or maybe a passing driver accidentally scratched the side of your car. To repair the damages takes great expertise, just like our qualified car body repairs in Aylesbury.

Breaking Down on Quieter Roads

Whenever you break down on quieter roads, it is far less daunting than if you were to on large flowing motorways. Although it may seem less scary, never the less it can still be dangerous to you and other passing drivers.

  • Make sure you put on your hazard warning lights, this is to make other drivers aware that you are awaiting assistance and that you have broken down.
  • If you have anyone in the car with you, we always advise you taking them out of the vehicle. Purely down to safety precautions, it’s always best to keep away from the car whenever it stops working and you currently do not know the reason as to why this has happened.
  • Once you have done this, you phone your local road accident service, stand away from the vehicle and then you make yourself visible for the break down recovery team to notice you.

We hope that when you break down on any road surfaces you follow our step by step guide, as this will keep yourself, passengers and other passing drivers safe, as you wait for assistance to take your vehicle.

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