Just when you think they seriously cannot out do themselves, once again Apple has gone and surprised us all with talks on the first ever ICar. At the current moment, its all just a bunch of rumours and computerised images, however you never know ‘Could 2021 see the first ever ICar produced by Apple?’

What is the ICar All About?

Recent rumours and reports have shown that Apple are thinking about developing their very own electronic car, quite obviously known as the ICar apparently to outbid current rival Tesla.

Discussions began all the way back in February 2015, the ICar which is also known as the ‘Titan’ has a respected hundreds of employees excited and jumping at the chance to work on such a huge project for Apple. Many spectators are asking themselves “Will it be electric?” “Will it be self-driving?” And to tell you the truth, as of yet nobody knows what is 100% happening. But we’re pretty sure we won’t hear the end of the rumour.

With the possibility of the ICar being electronic, there are implications and car maintenance which still upholds.

Electronic Car Maintenance

Many people assume that when it comes to electric cars the car body repair in Milton Keynes is extremely different. This isn’t necessarily the case, whatever damages occur on the outside of the vehicle can be easily fixed by any approved mechanic.

Electric cars contain less than more than half of what internal combustion engines have, therefore it’s less likely for any damages to occur in the first place. Although on the off chance a repair service is needed, you can easily go to your local garage to get a replacement part.

Simple wear and tear issues can be easily fixed with our small dent repair service, however you will end up finding that when it comes to electric cars you won’t be needing to visit your local garage every 3 months for a repair service.

Talks are still very much open in the air when it comes to Apple’s ICar, watch this space you could find yourself on the waiting list for a brand new electric car in 2021. If you have any further questions regarding our services, feel free to get in contact with a member of our team today.

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