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I know keeping your car clean can be a trivial task – we’ve all been there- you are either too busy or just can’t be bothered. So here are a few tips on how to maintain your car.

For Lazy bugs everywhere

If cleaning or maintaining your car is not the number one thing on your to-do list, but it’s becoming a problem, then look no further. There a number of helpful tips on the easiest, stress-free way to keep your car clean.

Scratches and Dents

Your car doesn’t have to be filled to the brim with discarded wrappers or junk food to be dirty. The appearance of scratches and dents can make your car look unkempt. Lucky for you there is a lot of places in England that provide services to rectify these issues such as Scratch Repairs in Buckingham or Car Body Work in Aylesbury.

Don’t eat in there

When grabbing some fast food or little snacks, think twice. I always tell myself, ‘I’ll leave this wrapper here, for now, then I’ll throw it away, yeah, I’ll throw it away’- it’s then left there for the next 100 years- So if you’re anything like me then I suggest you stay well away from any convenience stores or fast food restaurants while driving, the mess is not worth it, trust me.

Wax your car as much as possible

This may seem tiring, I know, I mean driving your car all the way to the car-washing place, then handing your car over while they get to work, I know. Think about that feeling when they reveal your sparkly washed car, then as you run your fingers across the rim you feel a wax-like substance, just imagine. Wax is really an investment that pays off, and when you want to wash your car next time, it makes it a little easier.

Keep a trash bag in your car

If you cannot resist the urge to sneak in a few snacks then just do this! Keep a trash bag in your car just for times like these. Store all of your empty takeaway packets, snack wrappers or any other things that need throwing away- but just make sure you then don’t leave the trash bag for a 100 years-.

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