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Winter is coming, and making sure your car can withstand the harsh climate is essential if you want it to run for longer, your car is more vulnerable as the quality of the weather decreases and is more prone to breaking down. So it is important you know how to ‘Prepare your Car for Winter’ to prevent this.

Car Battery

Cold and wet environments can really take its toll on your battery. If you struggle to get your car started, then it’s a sign that there might be a few difficulties. Getting a specialist to check your battery life can be a good way to get a reading and discover roughly how long your battery will last. If it is not looking too good, replacing your battery is an option. The prices of car batteries can vary depending on the size and the type of battery your car contains.

Winter Tyres

This one is a no-brainer, especially during the snow. It reduces the risk of crashes if you drive frequently during the winter. They offer grip on the icy roads, they do not come cheap but no one wants to have a minor crash repair, and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Check Exterior Lights

During the winter, the days are shorter; therefore the sun isn’t out for long. Checking your lights means you are prepared for the sudden change in light outside. This sounds simple, however, the number of people that forget to do this are immense. Check and clean your cars on a regular basis just to make sure you are safe. Dirt can easily build up on your external lights especially during the snow season where sand and salt is scattered on roads to make it melt, providing additional grip for cars and other automotive vehicles.

Check antifreeze

Antifreeze prevents the water in your engine’s cooling system from freezing. To check the antifreeze, use an antifreeze checker, which can be purchased relatively cheaply  at a price of £5 making it easy for you to make sure that your engine is in the best possible condition.

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