Dent on Car

A dent on your car is never a pretty sight, and you probably imagine a whole tedious and expensive process to get it fixed. However, with a Paintless Dent Repair, this is not the case. Read our article ‘Benefits of a Paintless Dent Repair (PDR), for more!

The easy fix

If you have small and not too serious dents, then a PDR is a perfect solution to ensure you get your vehicle back in tip-top condition. Here at Scuff ‘n’ Scratch Solutions, we offer our Paintless Dent Repairs in Milton Keynes as well as other areas across the UK. For more on the benefits of a PDR, read on!

No need for a colour match

When getting your car painted, there is a chance that the colour won’t match, and even if the body shop did find the exact shade, your car has been through the elements, so when the paint is applied, it can look a little off.

Car Colour Matching

However, with a PDR paint is not needed, so your car will go back to looking exactly how it did before.

Very Quick

Unlike a dent removal process using paint, the whole job is very quick. Some auto shops can have it done on the same day you brought the car in for repairs. Though deeper and longer dents take more time than the typical dent, this method is a lot faster than the traditional dent removal methods.

Environmentally Friendly

Due to the lack of paint used, toxic fumes are not released into the environment making the Paintless Dent Removal process environmental.

Environmentally Friendly

High Quality

When working with a reputable company, a perfect finish is guaranteed. Here at Scuff ‘n’ Scratch our talented technicians are trained to provide the highest quality for all customers!

Cost Effective

Unlike traditional dent removal methods, this Paintless method is very cost effective. This process is significantly cheaper as it does not require paint or primers, which would knock up the price.

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