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Have you ever come back to your car and found a dent that wasn’t there previously? You can be sure that the person that did it will not be anywhere in the vicinity of your car. If you have never heard of paintless dent removal or PDR, it’s the use of gentle persuasion with the use of specialised tools to remove dents. Here we are going to answer your question what is paintless dent removal.

What is paintless dent removal and how does it work?

Paintless dent removal is excellent for removing small dents without having to remove any of the paint or replacing any panels. Technicians use a range of fluorescent or LED Lighting to reflect the dent and help them to locate the tip. It is one of the most cost-effective ways to remove a dent and will take almost half the time to fix. It is a great method to use on small dents, and you can often achieve an 80 to 99% repair.

What is the process of PDR?

The paint dent removal tech will access the damage to your vehicle and will inform you whether the dent can be fixed via PDR. They usually need access to the rear of the panel so they can massage the dent out. The most common technique used is the use of metal rods and body picks to push the dents from the underside of the panel. Additionally, some technicians may use glue and specially designed tabs to pull out the dents from the outside of the panel if they are unable to get underneath. Technicians normally have a delicate hand and can often get rid of the highpoint of the dent. If this is not done correctly, some cars may experience splitting in the paintwork or cracking.

If you have had your car resprayed then, unfortunately, it is unlikely you can have your car dent removed using the paintless dent removal method. Repainted vehicles are more likely to chip or crack and sometimes can even have the paint pulled away in the process.

What is the use of light in PDR?

Lights are used during paintless dent repair to enable the technician to see the top of the dent. It allows for accuracy, fluorescent lighting or special lightboards are used to create shadows in the dent to tell you where to position the tools on the back side of the dent.

Reasons why you might get a dent!

  • Car doors are some of our worst nightmares, its one of the most frustrating causes of small dents.
  • Surprisingly hailstones can cause some severe damage if your unprepared and your car are left outside this can sometimes be unavoidable.
  • Automatic car washes, if you’re taking your car through one of those cars washes that does everything for you they can often pick stones up and damage your vehicle.
  • Kids often forget themselves and will play ball games around vehicles. Unfortunately, we cant always keep our eyes on them, and they can sometimes cause damage.

Silver Car With Dent

What dents can be removed with PDR?

We always say that smaller dents or dings to your car can definitely be fixed, if you have a more significant dent that is relatively shallow, this can be fixed however this would be decided under the technician’s discretion. If a dent is too deep the metal stretches, meaning when its popped back out its more likely for the paint to be damaged in the process. Unfortunately, if your car has been damaged in a sharp crease, it is unlikely that paintless dent repair will work. If your vehicle is over 20 years old, it is probably less likely of you being able to have it repaired using PDR; this is because the paint used is more prone to chipping, bubbling and cracking.

How good is PDR?

In most cases, once you have had your care repaired using the PDR method you can see little to no evidence of the dent ever existing. Paintless Dent Removal is one of the least invasive methods of repairing a dent; it doesn’t compromise the vehicle in any way. If you have had your car custom painted PDR is probably one of the only ways of repairing a dent that will help retain the value of the vehicle. It maintains the paint perfectly and doesn’t leave any scratches on the car. For more benefits on the uses of PDR check out Impact Dent Repairs article on 7 Paintless Dent Repair Benefits You Didn’t Know.

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Is a professional necessary?

We always recommend that you have a professional take care of your vehicle. We often get customers come into Scuff N Scratch after attempting to fix the dent themselves, and it’s worse then it was before they started. It’s also important to understand that while paintless dent repair gets excellent results, we cannot 100% guarantee that your paint won’t crack or bubble. Just make sure that you have your car accessed before going ahead with any paint job, if you take your vehicle to a good repair shop you will find that the technician will be honest with you, they will let you know if PDR is out the question and you need a full respray of the panel.

Reasons why you should have small dents repaired

Dependent on the location of the dent on your vehicle could compromise its safety; if your dent is situated on the front bumper, this could be even more so. The bumper of your car is designed to absorb impact during an incident, with a dent this could jeopardise the safety of the driver and passengers.

If you are thinking of selling your vehicle, you might find that with small dents in the car body can decrease the value. It also shows that you haven’t taken care of the car and a buyer might assume there are other underlying issues with the car.

Your vehicle could be more prone to rusting if your dent is not taken care of, overtime the paintwork could be affected by rust. This could cost you a lot more in repairs compared to using paintless dent repair.a

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