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Your door handle scratches can be caused by fingernails, keys or jewellery and make your car look unattractive. Here we tell you the simple yet effective ways to remove them and get your car looking brand new again.

No more door handle scratches

Door handle scratches are very common and surprisingly easy to remove. Of course, the severity of the scratches will determine which method you use. To determine if your door handle scratches are deep or just on the surface all you need to do it gently run your fingernail across the scratches. If you can’t feel the scratches or your nails do not catch on them, repairing the damage will be easy and you can even do it yourself. Alternatively, if you find the scratches are deeper than what you had initially thought, all you need to do is visit your local car repair garage. Here, experienced and certified technicians can remove the scratches with ease and your car will look as good as new in no time.


Specialising in car care and valeting products, Autoglym has what you need to remove your door handle scratches. They have a variety of products which can improve your cars appearance as well as repair any damage. The three best products to use for your car door handle scratches are:

  • Paint renovator
  • This paint renovator will effortlessly restore your scratched car door handle with minimal effort. When using this product, apply to the damaged area after it has been cleaned and dried. For the best results, you should apply the renovator using strokes parallel to the scratches and increase the pressure dependent on the severity of each scratch.

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  • Super resin polish
  • Door handle scratches can make that particular area of your car look dull and uncared for. To give your door handle a new lease of life, Autoglym’s super resin polish will make your car’s exterior shine as well as effectively remove the scratches. This polish works best by applying thin layers in overlapping circles to create even coverage. To maintain your car’s shine, repeat this process every few months.

  • Scracth removal complete kit
  • In addition to their super resin cloth, the complete kit includes a scratch remover, Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth and a scratch removal applicator. When using this product, you must first apply two pea-sized amounts of scratch remover to the white side of the applicator provided. Apply the remover to the damaged area in multiple directions to ensure the surface is covered. You should then apply more product if necessary and once the scratches have disappeared, wipe away any residue with a clean cloth.


Originally known as Tetrosyl Cutting Oil, T-Cut is renowned for its ability to clean, restore and repair minor car damage. For door handle scratches, the two best products to use are:

  • Colour fast scratch remover
  • T-Cut’s fast scratch remover will effortlessly remove scuffs and scratches with a flawless colour-matched finish. Available in original, black, white, silver, red, blue and green, this product will blend in with your car’s paintwork to remove your door handle scratches completely and give long-lasting results.

  • Magic pen
  • The magic pen is a fast and simple way to minimise the appearance of your door handle scratches. Its clear formula makes it a suitable scratch remover for all paint colours and its fine tip is ideal for conducting accurate repairs. The magic pen is one of the most affordable scratch repair options and can be used anywhere on your car’s exterior, not just the door handles.

    scratches on silver car door


    As toothpaste is a mild abrasive, it is widely used as a household cleaning product. From polishing bathroom fixtures to cleaning tarnished or dull jewellery, toothpaste has the ability to keeps things looking new and shiny. Moreover, toothpaste is also recognised as an affordable but effective scratch removal product. For the best results, you should first wash and dry your scratched door handle. If you do not do this, you increase the chances of rubbing dirt and debris into the scratches and making them worse.

    Next, simply apply a small amount of toothpaste onto a dampened, clean microfibre cloth to avoid causing more damage. Whitening toothpaste typically works best for removing minor scratches, but other kinds of toothpaste can be used as well.

    Applying a small amount of pressure, you should now rub the toothpaste on the scratches door handle in a circular motion. Continue to do this until you believe the toothpaste is evenly-distributed. Finally, you can now rinse off any excess toothpaste and dry the area with a microfibre cloth. You may need to repeat this process up to 2 more times to see visible results.

    Professional retrification

    If not repaired immediately, door handle scratches can easily worsen over time, making them impossible to remove by yourself. For reliable and efficient service, car accident repair in Milton Keynes will rectify any damage your car has. Using a reputable company to repair your door handle scratches means you can feel confident that the job is being done correctly by fully qualified individuals. When you use a local refurbishment company, you can be reassured that the latest tools and equipment will be used and the results will be more than satisfactory. Scuff N Scratch will also be able to advise you on the best way to maintain the exterior of your car to keep it immaculate condition.

    Many people are put off going to their local car repair garage due to the potential high expense. However, you will be pleasantly surprised by how affordable this option can be, especially for minor door handle scratches.

    new red car door

    Keep your car looking its best

    Door handle scratches can be very unsightly so finding affordable and effective ways to remove them is worth your time. However, removing your door handle scratches is just one way to keep your car in immaculate condition. Regularly cleaning the interior as well as maintaining the exterior will keep your vehicle looking great and functioning to the best of its capability for as long as possible.

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