Most causes of car paint damage are often unavoidable, most car paints have now been designed to withstand this kind of damage; however, there are some damages you simply cannot help. While most paints are often extremely durable weathering can also take its toll on car paints. Here we tell you the most common causes of car paint damage.

Causes of car paint damage

Paint damage can be such a pain as it will often bug you for months and then when it comes to selling the vehicle it tends to bring down the resale value. If you do not have car body repairs in Milton Keynes then not only will you lose money on the vehicle, but it could also lead to underlying rust problems with your vehicle which could end up costing you more money in the long run.


If your car is prone to being exposed to temperature fluctuations, then this can have a dramatic effect on your cars paintwork. When the paint is warm then suddenly cold it will mean the paintwork expands and contracts according to the temperature changes. Over time this can have a real effect on the paintwork, and you will soon start to notice small cracks in the paint. If your car does have a number of small cracks, this will often leave your vehicle more prone to moisture damage, as moisture, salt and any other chemicals or specks of dirt infiltrate the cracks it can increase the rate of rust and deterioration.


In the UK, we experience extreme weather during the winter months which requires a lot of preparation for our roads to be safe to drive on. Road salt can be a killer when it comes to your car paint, not only can the salt on roads damage your car but it can also damage your vehicles materials permanently. Snow, sleet and even a significant amount of rain can also have an effect on your vehicles paintwork, causing water spots on the car. Water spots are fairly difficult to remove, so to prevent your car from experiencing any of these damages; we highly recommend having your vehicle washed every couple of weeks to rinse any dirt, salt or rainwater from the vehicle. Check out this Evans Halshaw article on 5 Top Tips for Washing Your Car in Winter.


Annoyingly, it is not only winter weather that can have an effect on the paintwork of your car. If your car is left uncovered and exposed to the sun for long periods of time, then you may find that your paint starts to fade, or you lose the shine or gloss on the paint. One of the best things to do if you have the space is to keep your car in the garage when it is not in use. Alternatively, you could look at purchasing a car cover which will do a perfect job of protecting it.


Stones cause some of the most accidental damage to your vehicle as you often do not even know when it has happened. Loose stones and pebbles are repeat offenders when it comes to scratching, scuffing or denting your vehicle. Due to the speed of your vehicle and the height of the damage some stones can cause some real damage to your vehicle. There is not really anything you can do about it. However, if you are looking to sell your vehicle, you might want to consider having bumper scuff repair in Buckingham.

Bird Droppings

Bird droppings can be a nightmare, have you ever been driving along and one deposit right on your windscreen, and it starts to smear as soon as you try clean it. Well, while it might seem like a pain, you are doing the right thing by trying to remove it as soon as possible. Bird poo is extremely acidic due to the way birds digest their food. The high levels of acid can have a damaging effect on your paintwork, as it effectively eats away at the paint leaving balding or patches. We highly recommend when it comes to bird droppings you try and remove them at your earliest convenience. Take a look at Car Buyers article on How to remove bird poop form a car for the best tips and tricks.


If you are having any work done on your house or at work, we highly recommend parking your vehicle further away from the premises. If you do park it close to where there is construction work in motion, then you do run the risk of your vehicle being exposed to wet concrete spray. While builders do their utmost best to stop any building materials from leaving their workspace, it is not always possible. Once wet concrete dries on the paintwork it can leave significant paint scratches or damage such as patching once you have tried to remove it.


Something many of us would never think of is our hands causing damage to the paintwork, but we carry around a lot of dirt and oils especially on our fingertips. If you have small children, this can also be even more damaging as they are more likely to have dirt, food and other things on their hands which can all affect the paintwork. Oils and dirt in our hands can cause blemishes on the paint. Washing your car and using a good quality car polish will help to prevent your hands from damaging the paintwork.


We always recommend taking good care of your paintwork as it will often be the deciding factor when people come to visit the car if you go to sell it. To prevent many of the common causes of paint damage a good thorough clean will normally do the job. We recommend getting into a regular cleaning schedule, so your car is never neglected. Alternatively, if your car does experience a significant amount of paint damage and you wish for it to look brand new, you can always book in for car body repairs in Towcester.

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