There are a few things you are going to want to do to help improve and increase the resale value of your car. We have gone through a few of our top tips and answered your question on: How to increase the resale value of my car.

How to increase the resale value of my car: A guide

There are a number of factors that will affect the resale value of your vehicle, such as:

  • Age
  • Mileage
  • Demand
  • Condition
  • Modification
  • Replaced

Most of these factors are affected by how much you take care of your vehicle. Some of the repairs you may need to make could be cosmetic whereas others will be to improve the condition of your vehicle.

When it comes to selling your car you want to get the best price possible. The last thing you want is for a potential buyer to be put off because you haven’t put the time or effort into making the car as sellable as possible.


First things first you are going to want to have a full service history, without one you might be looking at a 20% price reduction. Any potential buyer will want to know exactly what you have had done to the car.

While it is always beneficial to have the service book stamped, we also recommend keeping your invoices. If you know your car needs a service why not take it to Unit18 Automotive, it is also recommended you save the date in your diary every year, so you never forget to take your vehicle for a service.


It is almost impossible to keep the alloys on your vehicle as scratch free as possible, so having them professionally sprayed goes a long way in making your vehicle look well kept. Alloy wheel refurbishment in Milton Keynes gives your car that added touch of class but also shows the new owner that the vehicle has been well looked after.

Respraying Alloys


One thing we have noticed recently is people leaving scratches over the course of a couple of months or years and only having them repaired when it comes to selling the vehicle. But what people do not realise is the amount of damage they are causing their car by leaving them. For panel scratches, you should get them repaired at your earliest convenience. Car body repairs in Buckingham is a great way of preventing any further damages. If you do leave the scratches exposed for too long, it can often start to rust, once the rusting process has started it can spread quickly.

Cleaning your car regularly

Some of us can be a little lazy when it comes to cleaning our vehicles, but its a vital part of ensuring the car is in great condition when it comes to selling it. The reason we highly recommend you clean your vehicle both inside and out is natural elements can have a significant effect on the vehicle. Rain can be damaging to your car, not always but if you live in over polluted areas such as town centres, the rain combined with salt from the roads and grit can have a damaging effect on the paintwork. Cleaning the inside regularly will also help to remove any nasty odours or dampness within the car.


Regular maintenance isn’t only good for you, but it is also good for selling your car, it shows you have taken care of it and will put effort into making the car last longer. Before you go to sell the car make sure it has the right amount of oil in, a savvy shopper may potentially ask you to pop the bonnet and check a few things before they purchase. If you are unsure on how to check your oil we recommend giving RACQ a read.

Flush the engine coolant, make sure all engine coolant and antifreeze are at the right level and are clean. Most engine coolant needs to be replaced every five years, however, can appear dirtier much sooner.

Brake fluids need to be checked as well; fresh, clean brake fluid is usually a honey colour. By changing the brake oil, it gives the appearance you have taken care of your vehicle.

Filling Engine Oil

Make sure the car is safe

The way we see it is there would be nothing worse than selling your car to a young driver knowing it is not safe, so why not carry out regular maintenance and keep everyone happy. If your car is unsafe or has previously been written off, you should be making the potential buyer aware of it. Do not let them take the car away if it has any major fault, on the flip side while we don’t want anyone to get hurt the driver will only return with the car at a later date.


If you have a small chip in the windscreen, it is always advised that you have it repaired before advertising or selling the vehicle. If not this can easily deter a potential buyer away from the vehicle. We would recommend checking your insurance policy first if your car windscreen is covered it is far cheaper to do it through your insurance compared to having it done elsewhere.


When it comes to advertising your car you need to be as specific as you can, basically, don’t waste potential buyers time. If you do not advertise the car correctly when people come to visit they will either try and get the car really cheap or walk away.

There are so many different places you can now advertise your vehicle. Autotrader is one of the best sites you can do this on as you can easily categorise the car, it also makes it easier for the potential buyer to find your vehicle. Alternatively, you can also use other sites such as Tootle and Piston Heads.

Woman At Car Dealership

Selling the car

Selling your car can be fun and exciting even more so when you know you’re making your way to another vehicle. If you are going to sell your car make sure all the right checks have been made. Service history is so important if you haven’t had a service in a while, we suggest taking it for one. Alternatively, if you have had work done to your car over the past couple of years that shows you have kept your car in the best possible condition keep the invoices or receipts.

Keep the car as clean as you possibly can! Imagine picking a car up and noticing it has a terrible odour. Cleaning the inside of your car will not only get rid of bad smells but is also good for your personal health.

Do not advertise your car falsely. Otherwise, you will be wasting your time. Be completely honest if there are damaged parts where it may make the vehicle unsafe. You will also want to make sure scratches are dealt with swiftly, so damage is kept to a minimum.

We hope this article helped you, good luck when selling your car!

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