You do not have to be a massive car enthusiast to get a great deal when buying a car. By following our car buying tips for women, you will be educated as well as feeling confident enough to negotiate a reasonable price for the vehicle you want.

Top tips for women when buying a car

Learning a few things about how to negotiate and what to look out for, gives you the knowledge and confidence to go to the car dealership yourself without any additional help. Read on to find our top tips…

Women have an advantage!

A common misconception by car dealers is women know or understand nothing when it comes to cars or other vehicles. This often means there guard is down, so you want to hit them with your extensive knowledge of not only the car but also the car buying process.

There are a few things you are going to need to do before going to a car dealership. We highly recommend doing your research about the vehicle you wish to purchase along with the car dealership itself. True Car is a great website which allows you to see how much other people in your area paid for the same vehicle. It will also show you real prices for those vehicles that are in stock. Another great thing to do is know how much you can have for financing approval which will also blow dealers out the park.

Car dealerships never do favours

If you’re buying a second-hand vehicle make sure you do a few checks on it before you go to visit it if your buying from an individual they may have already had checks done on the car but we highly recommend using the website to check the vehicle status as well as MOT history.

If the car is looking as though it’s in fantastic condition, however, is significantly cheaper than other vehicles of the same make and model chances are there is something wrong with it. So don’t let the dealer fool you into thinking he is doing you a favour.

Time your purchase

Ideally, when purchasing a car, we always recommend attending the dealership at the end of the month. Automotive tradesmen often operate on a quota-based system which means they collect bonuses based on the number of cars sold. If a car dealership is falling short of a few vehicles, they are most likely going to reduce the price a little to get the sale completed. By going at the end of the month, your haggling skills could save you not only a few hundred but potentially a couple of thousand.

Check last years models

While you may be looking for a brand new car, you should consider looking at last years models, if your not to bothered about specification you can get a great deal on a slightly older model. Car dealers will instantly slash prices on vehicles as soon as a new registration plate comes out. This doesn’t mean you will be buying a used car it just means you won’t be buying the newest model.

Sell not trade

If you already own a vehicle we always recommend selling the car privately, you will get a considerable amount more than you would from trading in the car. Dealers will often offer you below market value for your vehicle and sell it for a lot more than they gave you. If you are looking to sell your old car why not compare prices on sites such as Autotrader and Gumtree, this will allow you to put a benchmark on the price you wish to sell your vehicle at.

Do not check the car in bad weather conditions

We always recommend when you go to look at a car ensure the weather conditions are right. There is no point in looking at a car either in the dark on a rainy day, as you will not be able to assess the car properly.

Look carefully

Always make sure you look at all the panels on the car, if there has been a previous accident involving the car, there may be signs of wear and tear. You should also be looking under the bonnet to make sure there are no fluid leaks.

If the car is damaged with dents or scratches why not ask if they can knock some money off the car so you can take the car for paint restore and restoration in Milton Keynes.

V5C registration document

If you are purchasing a used car from a private seller ask to see the V5C registration document, this will indicate if the registered owner is the person selling the vehicle. There have been a few cases in the past where individuals have purchased a vehicle only to find out later it had been stolen, this only means they have to give the car back and are significantly out of pocket.

Express yourself

Unless you enjoy learning about cars you may find looking for them a little tricky. If you have been intimidated or felt disrespected in car dealership why not express yourself by leaving a review. Alternatively, if you have had an excellent experience in a car dealership, you should also leave a review. By doing so, you can inform other women who may be worried about going car shopping of where you have had good and bad experiences.

On the flip side, it’s always a good idea to check reviews on car dealerships much as you would on a car garage before you take your car for a service.

Follow our top tips

Make sure you follow our tips to help boost your confidence when it comes to purchasing a car. Buying a new vehicle should be an exciting but well thought out process. Rushing into any car purchase is not ideal, there are a number of things that could go wrong which may cause you more hassle in the future.

We always recommend doing your research before you leave the house, there is a range of checks you can do on any vehicle given you have the registration number. Make sure you know a variety of information about the dealership you are going to check reviews, you should also ask friends and family where they purchase their cars.

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