When it comes to your car the number one benefit is having the freedom to go anywhere and anytime. However, if you don’t take care of your car properly, you might find that your journey is soon cut short. It’s important that you spent time looking after your car as you will want your car to last as long as possible. So you want to avoid silly car mistakes.

Car mistakes

There are so many people out their that don’t take enough care of their vehicle. If you want your car to run smoothly, you have to pay it a little attention. There are so many car care things you could be doing to your car to prolong its life.

Windscreen wipers

Windshield wipers are often something you don’t really think about often, however, are an essential part of ensuring your car is safe for you to drive. If you are caught in the rain, they can effectively improve your visibility on the road. Damaged or cracked windshield wiper blades do not work efficiently and can actually scratch the glass causing damage.

Taking care of your wipers is really simple and easy, you just have to take a warm damp cloth to remove any grime, dust or dirt that has built up. By wiping this dirt away every so often, it means you are prolonging the life of your windshield wipers.

You will also want to expect your wind washer fluid, ensure it is filled efficiently. The worst thing is when you have been driving for a while behind another vehicle, your windshield has gather loads of dirt, go to use your washing fluid, and there is none left. Not only is it dangerous due to lack of visibility but it can also mean light reflects off your windshield more.


Many people leave their oil without checking it regularly but don’t understand just how damaging it can be to your vehicle. The oil acts as lubrication for your vehicle’s engine; you car parts can dramatically wear down without proper oil changes. Moving parts that do not have sufficient oil cause friction which creates heat, with regular oil changes these parts that heat can easily be cooled.

You will also find that by having regular oil changes, your gas mileage improves. It also promotes vehicle longevity; you want to have clean oil in your car as it allows the parts to work more efficiently and create more power.

Never ignore engine lights

Have you ever had a light pop up in your engine and though you’ll leave it until later? Well, you should never ignore car engine lights. No matter whether its amber or red if your engine warning lights appear we always recommend stopping the car in a safe location so you can take a look at the car. If it is an amber warning light such as a change of bulb, you can potentially drive home before fixing the problems. However, there are some warning lights more important than others, meaning you really shouldn’t be driving your vehicle. The longer you leave some of your warning lights, the more damage you are causing which may potentially cost you more in the future. We always recommend if you have an engine warning light appear on the dashboard you contact car servicing in Milton Keynes. They will be able to give you relevant advice for your vehicle if you have any queries if you would like more information on car warning lights we suggest you take a read of Unit 18’s article on what do warning lights mean?.


Your tyres are the only part of your car that has contact with the tarmac. So it’s important you keep these in good condition, if you brake hard, you wear your tyres down a lot quicker. You should be checking your car tyres regularly as many people are unaware their tyres may not be roadworthy. We recommend always having a tyre pressure gauge in the car so you can check the tyre pressure and tread. The legal limit for tyre treads is 1.6mm, and in the winter the recommended tyre tread is 3mm. If your tyre tread is running low, you could find yourself in a rather dangerous scenario. Low tyre tread may mean your unable to stop in time when coming to a roundabout or even if you need to stop in an emergency. We recommend taking a look at PLC tyre gauge, it may seem a bit pricey but its great informing you when your tyre is showing illegal tyre tread.

Fluid checks

Fluid checks are often neglected as people assume the oil is the only fluid that really needs checking. There is a range of other fluids that still need regularly checking to ensure your car is running effectively including, brake fluid, transmission fluid, engine coolant and power steering. You can check most yourself at home however if you are unable to do so we recommend having it checked with every service. Doing so can help avoid any unwanted leaks and help keep your vehicle performing how it should.

Rear window cleaning

A common problem we find is people spraying their rear windshield home glass cleaner. While this is okay to use on the front windshield, it can be damaging to the rear. Most home glass cleaner contains ammonia as their predominant cleaning agent. The ammonia can break down the heating elements in the window. So you may want to look at getting yourself special automotive glass cleaner from ToolStation.


You should always stay on top of your regular car checks; they are imperative to ensuring your car runs smoothly. By maintaining your car you will notice a difference in the way it handles and performs. You will achieve more for your mileage and will also make you car run for longer. Ideally you want to be making these checked every three months, they may also help indicate if there is a potential problem or hazard with your car.

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