When it comes to a new paint job for your car, we are certain you want it to be perfect. Whether you are painting restoring your car’s former glory or getting a new colour altogether, there are a few things that need to be considered; Like what type of finish you are looking for, if the paint is durable and much more as we discuss Different Spray Paint for Cars.


What colour you want your car is ultimately down to you. However, the type of finish is very important if you want to enjoy it for longer.

Solid Colours

Most Cars use this form of paint, being the most basic form of paint; they come in the most common colours used on cars being blue, red, white or white. A Solid colour consists of one coat, with a clear coat over it for protection against chips or scratches. This paint is perfect if you want an even finish they are inexpensive. However, because they are cheap and swiftly applied, the finish has an ‘orange peel’ look, so the colours tend to be limited, which can be a bit dull.

Metallic paint

Metallic paint is essentially the same as the solid colour paint; however, powdered metal is added to it, to give it its metallic finish. The powdered metal added to the paint allows the paint to pick up lighter colours, making for a more reflective finish, it also takes away from any minor damages such as scratches as the appealing shine it gives off gets more attention. However, metallic paint is hard to match which makes it hard when repairing damage and swirl marks tend to appear with excessive polishing.

Matte finishes

Matte finish cars tend to be a lot pricier, this is because they require more care, as imperfections cannot be buffered out during application. Maintenance also needs to be considered with a matte finish, if you start polishing your matte car, this could leave some glossy spots on your car, which can look a bit rough. However, matte finishes tend to look very nice when applied properly and taken care of well, so it seems to be worth the price.

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