The vast majority of you have probably had your car for more years than you can remember, it’s only normal if it starts to look run down and not how you first bought it. There may be scratches or dents on there that you never even knew existed and in some cases, it can be nothing or worse than what it seems. Finding the best service for your car can be quite tricky! Especially if you 1) do not know the cause of the damage and 2) if you don’t know how to fix it. At Scuff ‘n’ Scratch, we are experts in providing you with a top quality and longevity service, below we are going to briefly explain and identify to you which service you should be looking out for.

What if the Damage was small?

If the damage looks small to you, then it probably is. Scuff ‘n’ Scratch cater for all types of accidents and damages for your vehicle. One service which we supply is minor crash repair Milton Keynes, we have come across many customers who just decided to leave the scratch/dent on their vehicle because it is was only small. They didn’t want the hassle of not having their car for a few days, just because of a little scratch. We appreciate this inconvenience, therefore we promise you that you will be without your vehicle for only 24-48 hours, which is fewer than most competitive body shop companies.
Again, if the damage was small we also provide small dent repair & Paintless dent removal in Buckingham. If you previously got into an accident and some of the paintwork from your car had been chipped away, we can colour match your vehicle with our paint and restore it back to the way you want it.

What if the Damage was too big for Repair?

No damage is too big for us! We have the best, well trained team who have had many years of experience in dealing with accident repairs. For example, one service which we offer is full Resprays and custom bodywork in Aylesbury. Giving you peace of mind knowing that we are able to provide you with a service, whereby your vehicle will be restored back to working condition.

If you ever find yourself needing a car service, then look no further than us! Our dedicated team are on hand to provide you with a top quality service.

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