Keeping your car cleaned may feel like an obvious thing for some people, but you would be surprised just how many leave their cars thinking it doesn’t look too bad. Many of you may not realise how vital it is to clean your car on a regular basis. You might think one of the top reasons to keep your car clean is, so it looks good. Whilst it is a good reason to keep your car clean you may be surprised by the five reasons on our list!

Why you should keep your car clean!

Before we go in-depth about why your should clean your car it’s essential you have the right cleaning products and ensure you’re not causing any damage to paintwork and interiors. We suggest you use a bucket with soap and a hose or if you don’t have a hose use two separate buckets so your not reapplying the dirt you just washed off. Have the right tools is extremely important, you want something that is soft and has fibre hairs which will gently pull away any dirt from the surface of your car. Ulitmate finish provides a wide variety of car washing tools, including microfiber wash mitts. Once you have washed away all the dirt and grim you will want to look at waxing your car to give it that perfect shine and finish.


Whilst rain does help to wash away some dirt from your car; it allows a lot of grit and salt to stick to the vehicle. Leaving your car un-cleaned of the daily dirt that collects can cause damage to chrome, paint and metal exteriors. They can all eat away at the pain work on your car meaning it can go rusty and corrode. So you will want to maintain a good clean of the exterior to prevent this, you will find that it’s much more costly to fix a rusting car than it is to give it a once over with some soap and wax.

You may also be surprised that bird poo and bug remains are actually some of the most damaging dirt. These biohazards contain complex proteins that bond to the surface of your vehicle and the acids within them penetrate and break down the paint. This can then cause your paintwork to have so-called weak spots which will then be susceptible to further corrosion by the elements.

Fuel Efficiency

You might be unaware, but a clean car actually promotes fuel efficiency. The dirt on your car creates drag, allowing more air particles to cling to the dirt and grime on your car, which means your vehicle will be using more fuel during journeys.

We believe it’s paramount to not only clean your car but also to give it a good wax, this way when driving you will be allowing the air to move freely over the cars surface, creating less resistance.

A lot of people still believe that this is a myth. However, we’ve looked into the ‘golf ball effect’. As the ball is thrown through the air, it pushes the air in front of itself, creating high pressure at the front and low pressure at the back of the ball. The more disruption there is in the airflow around the ball the bigger the wake and higher the drag. Due to the shape of the golf ball the small dimples, cause delays the separation resulting reduced drag. This actually reduces the ball from travelling a further 40%, unlike a smoother ball.


Much like cleaning your home, you will need to clean the interior of your car to. The steering wheel contains a significant amount of germs, if you really think about it, you touch your steering wheel daily with a variety of different germs collating. The dashboard, door handles and the upholstery all gather bacteria, so it’s important you give these a good clean monthly. After looking across the Internet the verdicts out that Halfords has the best upholstery cleaner and it’s only £3.50. If you are looking for the best way to clean your upholstery or need any tips give this article a read on how to clean car upholstery.

Cleaning these areas and the carpets of your car will keep both yourself and your passengers healthy and will detract from you both getting the common cold. Again going back to your home, you would never leave your home as dirty as some people leave their cars. Sometimes you forget that aswell as driving, it’s quite likely at some point you have either eaten or had a drink, these can all add to the dirt build up. Keeping your interiors cleaned on a regular basis will help get rid of any odours that may be collecting in the car and will also improve how it looks.


Safety is a huge thing that dirt can affect; you would not drive your car with snow, mud or frost covering the windscreen. Anything that may cover your car windows with dirt is preventing you from having a clear view when driving; we strongly advise that you clean your windows on a regular basis. Ensure that your window screen fluids are topped up at all times, the last thing you want is for a bird to poop all over your windscreen and not be able to clean it.

Exterior dirt on paintwork can also create a safety risk; it will make the car less visible to other road users, especially if your journeys mean driving down country lanes with minimal lighting.


A car is one of the biggest purchases you may make so you will want to keep it as clean as possible, how a person keeps their car actually says a lot about them. Taking pride in keeping it clean will also make you feel a lot happier and content.


These five top reasons to keep your car clean will probably make you want to go straight outside and give your car a good wash. You want to minimise any risk to yourself and other as much as possible; this includes road safety and health. Eliminating any health risk to you and your passengers is extremely important, especially as we are now going into winter, it’s now prime time for you to catch a cold or bug.

If you do find that by not cleaning your car you have caused damage you can look at Vandal Scratch Repair Milton Keynes to repair any paintwork. Damage to your car can be a costly expense, keeping your vehicle clean regularly will prevent any further damage to your paintwork and any exterior features.

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