Now that summer is quickly coming around, although it’s safe to say that the weather may have some other ideas. It’s always good to get your car all set for summer! With the many road trips and travelling you in take during the summer, nobody wants to find themselves waiting at the side of the road with their children in the car for someone to repair it.

Take a look at this week’s article where our team will be discussing a few tips on how you can keep your vehicle in tip top condition for the summer ahead!

How to Maintain Your Car?

  • Tyres

One way of making sure that your car is all set for summer is by keeping on top of your tyres. Regularly getting them bumped with air and water takes no more than 10 minutes and in the long run can end up saving you a lot of time and a lot of money.


  • Oil & Water

Keeping your car energised with water and oil is always a quick and easy way of preventing your car from getting in any damage. Although if you do find yourself in a tricky situation with the Oil, or you don’t know how to apply it properly. We offer our Custom Bodywork service to restore your vehicle.


  • Lights

One of the most important factors to consider when undergoing car maintenance is to always make sure that your lights are working efficiently.  For those long nights travelling home in the summer, the last thing you need is to have a Minor Crash Repair, in doing so makes sure your safety and everyone else’s in the car is kept safe at all times.

Where To Get Your Car Checked?

In most cases you can easily get your vehicle checked for safety precautions at your local Garage, there they will tell you what works efficiently and anything which they think needs looking over or even repairing.

At Scuff ‘n’ Scratch, we provide many Car Repair in Milton Keynes and Body Shop services to ensure that you vehicle is kept in top tip conditions at all times.

We hope that this week’s blog has been insightful and helpful when undergoing car Maintenance, and how you can get your car already for summer. If you acquire further information on the topic, please feel free to get in contact with our team today!

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