Now is the time of year when car parks become overwhelmed with people trying to manoeuvre their vehicles around tight bends and parked cars. Christmas shopping can be a nightmare and is often one of the most prolific places for peoples vehicles to become damaged due to bad manners and people driving stupidly due to impatience. According to RAC insurance over a third of people stated they had come back to their parked cars to notice damage which had previously not been there. The average bill of these damages can also cost on average £2,050 which is a staggering amount. We are going to run through the different ways you can avoid your car from becoming damaged during a car park accident.

Why does a car park accident occur?

Over recent years the size of vehicles has changed massively, and there are now more 4×4 on the road in comparison to ten years ago. Vehicles have also got much longer as well, which makes them more prone to being hit by another vehicle. Car parking spaces are also getting smaller as the population of big towns and cities are increasing. Stores are trying to deal with the demand of people by increasing the number of spaces but reducing the size of them. Making it much harder for vehicles to find decent size parking spaces for the size of their vehicles. Most supermarkets have been named in recent years as being the most renowned place for UK motorists to have their vehicles damaged whilst parked.

What should I do to avoid an accident?

It can be very difficult to avoid a car accident in a car park; however, we have come up with a few tips to help you avoid damage from occurring to your car as well as preventing you causing damage to other peoples parked cars.

Look around you

Keep your eyes peeled when it comes to parking your car, take a look around the space and see if there are any potential hazards which could cause future damage. A great example of this, is many people tend to park near shopping trolleys, which if catch the wind can travel in the direction of your car.

You should also keep an eye out for people reversing, as cars have got bigger, some people have to reverse out partially blind as larger vehicles may completely block their view. If you see a reverse light on, be cautious and take your time driving around them, the last thing you want is someone reversing straight into you.

To eliminate this risk, you may want to use parking sensors. Most modern vehicles come with these as standard, however, if your car does not, not to worry you can have them fitted. AVR Mobiles can fit them UK wide, they not only provide domestic car parking sensors but if you would like them fitted to your commercial car or van they can also fit them.

Woman Reversing Car

Park your car correctly

Most people tend to do it nowadays, where they swing into space and rather than straightening up they choose to leave their vehicle as it is. Not only can this cause damage to your vehicle, but someone trying to park in the space next to you can be complicated. We always recommend reversing into a car parking space, as it actually gives you much more control over the vehicle. It enables you to see the white lines clearly along with manoeuvering the vehicle.

Take your time and kill your speed

You may think driving 20moh-30mph is slow, but in a car park it really isn’t, especially when you have others driving in different directions along with people reversing. If you are driving to fast, you are far more likely to cause an accident in comparison to taking your time.

When it comes to reversing you will need to ensure you are taking your time, make sure to look in all of your blind spots before you reverse completely out of the space.

Once you are parked you should also make sure to open your car doors slowly, as a number of dents, scuffs and scratches are all caused by opening your doors to quickly. It is also easy to push the door and lose control over it; it can fly out and scrape vehicles close to you.

Don’t be afraid to ask passengers for help

If you are trying to reverse, or turn round a tight corner and require extra eyes make sure to ask. Asking someone for a little help can save you from denting another vehicle in the car park. You should also ask your passengers to pay more attention when it comes to your doors; children are prone to swinging the door opening and not paying attention to other vehicles around them. You can also choose to put the car lock on, which means your children cannot open the door without your assistance. It means you can control when your children open their doors as well as eliminating the risk of them hitting another vehicle.

Select the right car parking spaces

It can sometimes be a little tricky to choose a parking space with a lot of free space, especially during busy shopping periods, Christmas is the absolute worst. Most people will always try to choose the closest parking space the entrance of the store; this is also often where the car park can become most congested, we recommend taking your time to find a space which is slightly away from the entrance. We also recommend looking for a space that has a free one in front which you can move your car into, this will allow for precision parking. If you are parked in a car parking space which is a little tight, make sure to move your mirrors in. People weaving through park cars can often cause damage to wing mirrors.

Car Park

Always avoid pillars and walls

Parking your car next to a pillar is an accident waiting to happen, especially in a larger vehicle. It can be hard to see where the pillar is in larger vehicles, and there have been a number of accidents caused by those who are not paying attention or simply have not seen it. We also recommend not parking near a wall; if you have not calculated the space correctly, you can often find the side of your car scraping along the wall.

Be careful when parking your car

Not only can people cause damage to your car but it also very easy to cause damage to other vehicles when parking your car in a car park. Take your time and wait for spaces you think will be easier to park in. Larger vehicles can cause blind spots for drivers in smaller vehicles, so if you see a reverse light on make sure you give them time to reverse before driving past them.

If you do experience any scuffs, scratches or dents, then make sure to book your vehicle in for car body repairs in Milton Keynes. The reason we recommend booking in for this service as soon as possible is that leaving these types of damages on your vehicle can cause detrimental loss to your vehicles value.

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