Car bills can add up when you don’t regularly check your car for any issues and many problems can be easily dodged by simple regular checks on your car. There are many different things you can do to ensure that your car is fully functioning so you can avoid frequent car repairs.

Servicing your car on a regular basis

Taking your car to be serviced once every 6 months to keep your car under control and avoid any big car repair bills is ideal. Vehicle servicing is the simplest thing you can do to avoid regular repairs on your car. Many vehicle owners forget about services, to remember this, we recommend setting an appointment in your diary twice annually to remind yourself that your car needs caring for. If you hear any unusual sound coming from a part of your car that you don’t normally hear whilst driving your vehicle, do not wait for another service to come around, book your car in early with us to ensure that the problem doesn’t worsen or cause any critical damage.


The cleanliness of your car is vital to avoid any regular repairs. This could be easily avoided at a reasonable rate. Washing your car every month thoroughly will increase the performance you receive from your car and will decrease the chance of any crashes happening from dirty windscreen or mirrors to dirty windscreen wipers which will make you as a driver have better vision whilst driving, no matter what the weather is.


By checking the levels of oil, the quality and pressure of your tyres and your brakes, you will decrease the chances of crashing which will avoid repairs frequently and saving you money at the same time. Checking the levels of oil can be done at home by simply examining your oil levels with a dipstick and topping up if the levels are low. Checking the brakes would usually be done whilst servicing but if you hear your brakes squeak whilst driving, they will need to be changed as they are wearing out. The pressure on your tyres can be checked at any petrol station for low rates to ensure that your vehicle can reach its potential speed without any problems. If you find any dysfunctions in your tyres like tears, bulge’s, or bubbles you should seek help from an expert as soon as possible. By looking out for these problems, you will be sure to catch the problems with your tyres before they worsen

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Car repairs in Milton Keynes
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