There are many ways you can customise your car bodywork and give it that extra oomph. Here the team at Scuff N Scratch Solutions share some methods and advice that may help you and give you some ideas to help you get you vehicle to the standards you want it.

Spray painting

Spray painting your car will allow you to bring your vehicles appearance up to the standard you want it to be and make it look brand new. Customisations add a look of benefits to the look of your car and the result will make it look much more expensive. Spray-painting your vehicle will remove the appearance of most car dents and the original colour will disappear, replaced by the colour of your choosing.

Repairing the dents

Customising your car bodywork would also include hiding most of the damage caused by every day use. These car body works would include fixing these dents as it would allow your vehicle to look brand new, whilst repairing the dents on the vehicle it will allow Scuff N Scratch Solutions to repair your alloy wheels in the same period as removing the scratches.

Colour restoration

Restoring the colour on your car will allow you to restore the original look, as it will result in the car to look brand new with a new colour and a shiny appearance. It also benefits the selling price of your vehicle because it makes the car look much more desirable. This service will definitely give your car the ‘wow’ factor.

Customer review in Buckingham

“Getting a car body job from Buckingham was hard for me to find as everyone was already booked in after finding Scuff N Scratch Solutions they quickly and efficiently done my car body work to a great level of standards.” Read More

Yunis Carter – 23rd April 2015

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