There are many problems that can occur with alloy wheels, with many solutions to overcome these. When purchasing and making the final decisions on what types of alloys you would require, you would need to consider the factors of maintaining these to a high standard to ensure that the alloy wheels would not affect your vehicles performance. Scuff N Scratch Solutions are experts in alloy wheel repair in Buckingham and several other areas, here the team give some advice on how to maintain alloy wheels.

Drive Responsibly

A scratch in your alloy wheels can occur quite easily. There are many reasons why damage occurs from scuffing the alloy wheels on the kerb to road materials and rocks chipping. To avoid damage as much as possible, drive responsibly to avoid any unnecessary accidents happening. We recommend driving a decent distance away from the kerb, by doing this; you will ensure that the risk of getting scratches on your alloys will decrease. The speed you drive down a road will also affect the amount of scratches that will occur. Drive at a reasonable speed making sure that scratches will be a less frequent problem on your alloy wheels.


Cleaning your alloy wheels frequently with alloy wheel cleaner, a sponge and a hosepipe is an important factor. Cleaning your alloy wheels will ensure that the risk of corrosion decreases, making sure that you will not need to purchase new wheels as regularly as you would without cleaning. Cleaning out the brake dust regularly will also decrease the risk of corrosion within your wheels, saving you money due to not having to replace the alloy wheels as often.

That extra shine

To finish off the perfect look to your wheels, waxing or polishing will always create the final polished look. Whether you wax or polish your wheels will depend on what finish your wheel has.

Customer review in Buckingham

“The high standard of which my wheels were returned to me in, was phenomenal. I would recommend Alloy Wheel repair in Buckingham to anyone who needs repairs on their wheels at amazing prices. Defiantly returning again!”

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