Car journeys with children can be a painful experience, all the seat kicking and “are we there yet” it can feel like you’re travelling for a lot longer than you are. But there must be a way you can make car journeys for kids fun?

How Can I Prepare For Journeys For Kids?

First off you need to assess your destination, how long will you be in the car for? Children are very active and energetic so keeping them restraint in a vehicle all day is going to be difficult enough, but there are a few ways you can make the journey run a lot smoother.

Map out your trip and decide on the route you are going to take, this way you can see whats on the way and are able to plot out regular stops as your children will need short walk about and fresh air to stay happy.

But the real question is how can you make your car journey as fun as possible? Obviously, your children aren’t going to be wanting to go for another 5-hour drive again anytime soon, but there are ways to make the journey more enjoyable. If you want to find out these top tips – then keep reading!

#1 Technology

Although this is definitely not a good thing to make into a regular habit Ipads and portable DVD players can be life savers on a long journey, especially if you’re driving in the evening and your children are becoming tired.

Films can help send your child off to sleep, or if not send them to sleep indeed keep them quiet for an hour or so. If you don’t have access to any films, then you should download some games onto your child’s Ipad, however just make sure that they don’t need internet connection or it’s unlikely they will be able to play them when on the move.

Also, make sure that if your child is relatively young then ensure that you are aware of the apps and games that they are downloading
as they could be playing or using something without your knowledge that you wouldn’t necessarily like them to be on.

#2 Food

Who doesn’t love a snack when at home? Everyone loves snacking, so it’s important that you bring lots of food, drink and snacks to keep you and your family hydrated and full up.

Sitting in a car, you are going to be bored, and eating is something to do so you are more likely to become hungry or peckish quicker. You may not necessarily be starving for a massive meal, but you are certainly going to want to snack on some of your favourite foods.

Treats such as chocolate or sweets are effective at keeping your children happy (no matter their age) so if you want to keep them on your good side then pack a few of their favourite snacky treats.

#3 Toys

Do not ever forget your child’s favourite toy or keepsake, no matter their age children often have comforters that they like to have alongside them – especially when going somewhere new.

If you forget your young child’s comforter, then you could be in serious trouble so make sure it’s on the top of your list when going through your holiday packing checklist. Things such as comforters or your child’s favourite doll or teddy can really help send them off to sleep so they can be beneficial for evening trips. Your child then has something they can play make belief imaginative games with all day, giving you a rest and a small window of peace.

#4 Music And Singing

The best tip for a fun car journey, group singing can highly increase morale – which is perfect if you are on your way to holiday, and also brings your family together in a group activity.

If you are a Disney fan yourself (or if you can bear it), Disney singalong CD’s are fantastic for children singalongs, and you can purchase one based on your child’s favourite Disney film.

If you cannot bring yourself to listen to multiple Disney sing along songs for the remaining hours of your journey then the radio works just as well, music is everywhere, and it’s highly likely that your children will know at least the tune to the majority of the songs in the charts. Be careful you do not get too lost in song as it’s easily done, the last thing you want is a scratch repair Milton Keynes when en route to your family getaway!

If this isn’t an option, then consider importing your child’s favourite music onto their Ipad and letting them listen to songs of their choice through headphones.

#5 Enthuse Your Children On Where You Are Going To

If you’re going on holiday, then it’s time to bring out your exaggeration skills (this works particularly well on younger children)
Make out like you are driving to the tropical islands or anything to make them excitable about where you are going. Explain all of the activities there are to do at your destination in depth and try and make them as enthusiastic as possible so they behave when en route – you wouldn’t believe how well this works.

#6 Traditional Family Games

Of course, we have to mention these games, which over the process of a day reduce parents to tears after “tree” is used for the 6th time in Ispy. Traditional car games such as Ispy can entertain your children for a small amount of time while you try and relax. However, it can sometimes be a bit of a difficult time if your journey is mainly through fields and forest. There are also games such as 21 questions and the name game that the whole family can play, 21 questions are when you think of an object or animal, etc, and you have 21 questions you can ask before you have to guess what is.

The name game is when you go through the alphabet, starting at A all the way down to Z you must each say a boy or girls name that begin with this letter and whoever makes a mistake or can’t think of one loses. You could also play this game with other categories such as food, countries and animals.


So there are some of the top ways you can keep your children happy and calm when on a tiresome car journey, remember that cars can get hot – especially in the summer.

So it’s important that you take regular stops for fresh air, stay hydrated and don’t remain in the car all day as your body needs to be well exercised and fed, if you have an accident or whilst driving and your car becomes damaged then our alloy wheel repair Milton Keynes is available for any last minute damages that you may have to your car.

We hope this article was helpful, if it was then why not share to your friends and family? Or someone you know going on a trip soon.

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