Winter can play havoc on our cars and can cause a number of issues to exteriors and interiors of our vehicles. As well as the weather the winter season is usually rammed with festive plans and a lot of us forget to check our cars. Before we know it we have made more damage by leaving it then we would have if we had either got it repaired of maintained the vehicles. So here we are going to discuss why you should paint scratch repair and respray before the New Year.

New year resolutions to help prevent paint scratch repair

Try not to leave it until the last minute; this goes for all repairs on your vehicle. While you may think it can wait sometimes its just not worth it, by doing so, you can make the situation a lot more costly in the long run. Make a new years resolution such as being disciplined in cleaning your vehicle. Some of you may not know but washing your car is extremely important. Not only for your car but also for your health and well-being.

Washing your car

Rain can sometimes have higher pH levels which can damage the paintwork on your vehicle if left for to long without washing. There are also a number of other things that can stick to the exterior of your vehicle which can damage the paint including grit, salt and bird poo. The acids in rain and bird poo can have an adverse effect on the paint, due to the chemicals within them it can break down paint causing it to flake.

Tree sap is another item that we often do not think about; we tend to park underneath a tree if it’s raining or sunny and we want to shade. But tree sap can be extremely hard to remove. The sap is incredibly sticky if you try to wipe it off without the right products you will find that you end up smearing it. You also run the risk of ruining your paintwork by scratching it.

Rotate tyres

Every 5,000 to 10,000 miles we always recommend that you rotate the tyres around the vehicle. This will prevent them becoming to bald for you to drive. Ensuring you get the most out of your tyres. If they do not have enough tread and are becoming bald, you might find that when the temperature does drop your car might be more at risk of an accident.

Drive smarter

A lot of people have become aggressive on the road resulting in cars being scratched and scuff due to impatience. Preventative car maintenance and car accidents start from behind the wheel. Bad habits are hard to shake off but easy to pick up. Think about the way that you are driving; if you are unsure of bad habits you may have, you might want to think about installing a dash cam. They can provide you with a clear view of mistakes that you might be making. For more information on the best dash cam to purchase give Which’s article How to buy the best dash cam a read.

If you are hard on your brakes, you will find that they will wear quicker and you will need to replace them a lot more often. Make a point of leaving a longer distance to slow down and don’t put so much pressure on the brakes to make you stop such short distances. Driving differently can mean that your car becomes more economical, with better driving habits you can have a positive effect on fuel costs and also prolongs the life of your vehicle.

Selling a vehicle

It is essential to think about repairing and respraying your vehicle if you wish to sell it. By replacing any broken parts and having your car repainted in areas where you may have scratches or paintwork corrosion can instantly improve the cost of your car. You won’t lose any money; the potential buyer is less likely to haggle the price with you.

There are a number of things that can contribute to scratches on your vehicle. Stone chips can be frustrating and unfortunately are sometimes unavoidable. Stone chips can cause lasting damage do your car and it’s not just to your paintwork; they can also smash or crack your windscreen.

Additionally, sometimes we can get sloppy with the way we fill up our car; this goes for fuel, wind washer fluid, oil or any sort of car liquid. Many of them can be harmful to the paintwork if left on for long periods of time. So be sure to wipe them away in time, they can often cause stains on the paintwork, which are usually impossible to get rid of.

For more information on what to do when selling your car, we recommend that you take a look at Money Advice Service.

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Want a change

If you have been thinking about getting your paintwork restored or resprayed the New Year is the perfect time to get this done. Visit your paint restore and restoration garage and go for the colour you’ve been dying to paint your car. Everyone had Christmas blues at the beginning of January, and you might be thinking of ways to boost your mood. So why not treat yourself to a belated Christmas present.

Customisation respray is very personal and what a way to start the New Year. If you have the urge to buy a new car, this might be the answer for you. Simply having your car restored or customised can make you fall back in love with a car you once wanted to get rid of. This could also boost the price of your vehicle if you came to sell it. Your unique selling point can be that its one of a kind.


New Year is all about making New Year’s resolutions, so as well as making personal ones. Make them for your vehicle too; there are a number of different things you can do to your car in the New Year. Make yourself feel good, having a nice car that is clean, looks good and runs well will take the stress away of having to look after it.

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