For anyone who is thinking about giving their beloved vehicle a new lease of life, a car wrap might just be what you are looking for. With a range of different colour and designs, you can make your vehicle look completely different. There are a number of different things you can do with a car wrap from personalisation to creating unique designs and following current trends.

However, before you fork out an arm and a leg for vehicle wraps you may want to consider the pros and cons to see which one ways out the other. There are a number of different things you need to consider when it comes to a car wrap: the materials used to wrap the car, the technique which is used and how long of a guarantee they offer. All of which are common factors which will affect the overall finish of your wrap.

Vehicle wraps

Car wrapping services have become increasingly popular over recent years, and people are now weighing up whether to have a full spray or a car wrap. But, there are a number of different variables you must consider before getting them, and it is ultimately down to exactly what you are looking to get out of them.

As you can now make these wraps much more personal to you, there are more and more people who are looking into getting them. Designs have become much more pristine over recent years, and there are so many out there which you can now use for inspiration. However, not every wrap needs to be a new design, if you are looking to change the colour of your car but are looking for a temporary fix while you decide then a car wrap might be for you.

Pros of vehicle wraps


One of the main advantages of a car wrap is the fact that it is completely reversible. So, if you decide later down the line, you no longer want a vehicle wrap you can have the vinyl removed from the car. You can then either have the car resprayed, or you can look to get it wrapped again with a different design.

There is also an endless range of materials which can be used to wrap a vehicle. Carbon fibre car wraps is one of the most popular choices over recent years, while it might be relatively expensive to achieve this look with actual carbon fibre, the carbon fibre wraps look just as good as the real thing. Matte Metalic wraps which provide that exceptionally sophisticated look. If you are looking to really stand out from the crowd, you might look at going to Chrome wraps.

Paint work

One of the pros of having your car wrapped is that it can to some extent prevent the paintwork from being scratched by small stones and other damage that can happen on the road. If you would like to sell the vehicle, you might find that by having it wrapped the paintwork has remained in a better condition than it would without.

Cost effective colour

As a respray may seem a little too expensive to splash out on when you are a little undecided on the colour, a wrap might be the best option for you. Before splashing out the cash, you might find that you end up changing your mind.

Cons of vehicle wraps

Paint work

We mentioned earlier that wrapping could protect your paint to some extent, but it can still cause damage to your car. If you are not paying a significant amount of money to have your vehicle wrapped, they may not have the right qualifications nor knowledge to be wrapping your car. By having your car wrapped, you could be causing more damage to the exterior paintwork on your vehicle. We highly recommend doing your research when it comes to car wrappers; you need to check out their portfolio of work and check peoples reviews beforehand.

Colour changes

If you are thinking of having more of a dramatic colour change, such as going from a bright red car to more of a matte black look you do need to remember that your car will get scratched over time. When it comes to scratches, you need to remember that the original colour will start to become more noticeable which will mean it will start to lose its overall look. The protective element of the wrap will start to become lost, therefore exposing the paintwork to more damage. If you are going for a dramatic colour change we suggest going straight for a full paint restore and restoration in Milton Keynes.


If you are thinking about having a full body wrap which is more of a drastic change in colour, then you will need to inform your insurance company as this could make your policy void if you do not do so. You will also need to let the DVLA know so they are aware of the changes you are making to your vehicle. For more information on the implications of changing the colour of your car we recommend reading Balgores Motor Group article. If you are thinking of respray the process of informing these authorities is not to bad; however, if you are thinking of only having a temporary wrap, then it can be a little long winded.

Car Wrapping

So, there you have it the pros and cons of car wrapping. Here at Scuff N Scratch, we are partial to a car wrap if you are having done for commercial purposes as it works really well. Especially if you are only keeping a vehicle temporarily or you know in a couple of months you will want to change the design or advert shown on a car. However, if you are looking to change the colour of your car sticking to a respray is your best bet.

We always recommend no matter what you are having done to your vehicle you always make sure you do your research. One of the best places to look is on their social media. Check out their recent work and do not forget to look at reviews.

We hope this article was helpful, let us know your thoughts on your car wrapping over on our facebook page!

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