Have you ever got a car ding or dent and not wanted to spend any money fixing it? Ever thought about trying to attempt it yourself? There are so many reasons you shouldn’t, and it’s not because we want you to spend money it’s for your own safety, you may also cause more damage to your vehicle which let’s face it, will be more costly in the future. So sit back, hand your car over to a professional and appreciate the art form of dent removal.

What causes a car ding?

Have you ever returned to your car after leaving it in a parking space to come back to scratches or dents? The answer from most vehicle owners is most likely going to be yes, even if they are small and not so noticeable. Car dents and dings are relatively common but can sometimes be caused by the smallest of things.

Car doors

Car doors are a common cause of car dents or dings, with overcrowded parking, you might find yourself a little closer to the car next to you. People often swing doors open without thinking and accidentally hit the car next to them, while some people may leave you a note to apologise with a number, you’ll often find many people will walk off and not look back.

Shopping trollies

A lot of people are lazy when it comes to shopping carts and rather than put them in their designated location will leave them in spaces or the middle of a road. If the weather becomes, slightly windy trollies can roll and hit cars.


Hail can be one of the most unpredictable natural elements, it can cause dings, dents and sometimes scratches on car body works.


Unfortunately, some people walk past vehicles with the intention of scratching them. Or you might find that someone has accidentally passed your vehicle and scratch it with their bag. You should always have your vandal scratch repair completed as you might find the paint becomes more susceptible to rust.

Car wash

We always recommend when possible taking your vehicle to hand car wash or even doing it yourself. Automatic car washes can cause accidental bumps or scratches on body and paintwork.


If you are inexperienced in dealing with any dents or dings, you might find that you will struggle to get the dent out. Technicians have been trained in this field and will understand all aspects of a dent. Along with being inexperienced, you may also find you don’t have the correct equipment to carry out the job in hand. It’s is incredibly easy to make the damage worse if not done with care and precision.

You may find that you have got the dent out. However, we often get a vast amount of customers come into Scuff ‘N’ Scratch with DIY dent repairs. However, their vehicle paintwork is damaged with either cracking or bubbling.


Technicians and car garages will have all the right safety precautions in place for dent removal. You never know when an accident might happen, so you don’t want to risk your health and safety. With appropriate safety precautions, there is less likely going to be any damage to other parts of your vehicle such as suspension. By repairing your car dents yourself you may also be unaware of any safety features that may be knocked or missing, this can potentially cause more damage in the future especially if you are to have an accident.

If you would like more information in regards to the safety of your car, you can read the Car Care News Blog on whether your car is safe to drive if dented.


You might find that when trying to fix a car dent yourself, you might not be covered by your insurance. If you are to have an accident in the future, you could find that due to car defects that haven’t been fixed, when making a claim you might have to pay out for repairs rather than simply having it repaired in the first place by a professional.

Colour matching

Colour matching is a rather difficult task! Have you ever seen those cars that have a patch of paintwork that is totally the wrong colour? There are a number of companies you can go to to get the right colour for your car such as Pro Aerosols

Causing yourself more work

The last thing you want to do is create possible work for yourself by not using the correct tools. As previously mentioned people always try to give it a go and nine times out of ten we have these customers as for help. You are most likely going to end up spending a lot more money than you originally would by simply taking it to a body shop. A professional ding or dent repair technician will have the right tools to do so.

You have to be extremely careful when thinking about fixing your dent or ding yourself. A lot of body shop may potentially turn you away; they don’t want to be liable if anything is to go wrong. Sometimes it’s in your best interest to get a car body shop to take a look at it before you consider doing anything with the vehicle.

Selling the vehicle

By not repairing a dent properly you are creating an unsafe vehicle for you and your passengers, so it’s important to have your car repaired properly. Not to mention the hassle it can potentially cause when you come to selling your vehicle. Something that often creates hassle when selling a vehicle is not having proof of repair. Potential buyers like to make sure there have been receipts for each repair and that it has been done by a professional.

There are a number of reasons why you should repair your car dents yourself. You want to maintain the safety of the vehicle as much as possible. By repairing the car yourself you could potentially make your insurance void, we always recommend you check your policy before trying any repair yourself.

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