Alloy Wheel Refurbishments are only done right when they are done by a professional. When your alloy wheels are refurbished, the tyres are taken off the wheels. Before any work is done, the finish of the wheels before the refurbishment must be stripped off. The stripping of the existing finish allows the new finish to stick to the wheels better and stronger. For the stripping process a chemical approved specifically for stripping alloy wheels is used, so there is no damage to your wheels. This is just the first step of ‘The process Alloy Wheel refurbishment’. If you want to know how the rest of the process goes, then read on!


After the stripping of the Alloy Wheels is done, the wheels are thoroughly cleaned to remove any of the pre-existing finish that might have not been removed. It is also done to remove any corrosion that may have appeared over time. Any damages on the wheel like minor scuffs or scratches can easily be removed by a scrub down, but if they are deeper, then they are filled and sanded.


When the preparation process is done, and the wheel is completely smooth, a base coat is usually applied, which is generally silvery and metallic in colour to give your wheel the appearance of being brand new. This is a tough job, emphasising the fact that it would be best if you used professionals. The wheel is painted clockwise and painted from the centre to the rim of the wheel. The whole process has to be done quickly so when the painter finished painting it completely clockwise, when it reaches the middle, the paint is still wet. This is essential so the colour can blend properly making it even all the way round the wheel.

Professional Service

A professional service is a must, like mentioned before, not only because the wheels are to be painted quickly. It is because the wheels are not a smooth round shape, they have a 3-dimensional shape, which an inexperienced person might find tricky to paint. The wheel also needs to be painted with the same or similar thickness, as if some parts are painted thicker than others, the paint tends to run, not making the wheels smooth all the way round.

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