As a motorist ensuring you’re the vehicle is safe for use is essential here are a list of simple checks you can perform on your motor vehicle for safety
Ensuring your car is serviced as scheduled and in accordance to the manufacturer’s specification


Knowing the correct tyre pressure for your vehicle and check them at least every two weeks using a good quality gauge or garage airline
Also look out for cuts or sidewalls and if any of your tyres require regular top-ups it may be a sign that you have a slow puncture and will need to get this check out ASAP. Final do not forget to check your Spare tyres too.

Engine oil

Always check the dipstick at least every two weeks and before and after any long journeys.
Make sure you have the oil and filter changed at recommended service times using correct oil for your vehicle.


Make sure you check the coolant level on regular basis and top up as necessary, but remember to only do this when the engine is cold.
Before the winter remember to have the antifreeze concentration checked


This needs to be checked regularly for stone damage as this can impair vision or distract attention.
Minor chips can grow and crack the glass, however many of these can be repaired by a windscreen specialist before its cracks


Check all the lights weekly. Don’t forget indicators, brake and fog lights, make sure the lights are also cleaned regularly and in bad weathers wipe them down with a damp cloth during driving breaks


Deal with any damage to the bodywork such as car scratch promptly to prevent rust setting in.

If your vehicle has extended bodywork warranty scheme, this may require annual inspection at the dealer. Make sure you check that any previous owners kept that up to date.

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