A picture is worth a thousand words so you can only imagine how valuable a video is if anything is to go wrong on the roads. There are many times where things happen so quickly on the road we don’t always know exactly what happened in an accident. Dash camera evidence could be what saves you in an insurance dispute with another driver and will help with your own claim. We also think that dash cameras are great for making their owners drive with a little more care than they would have before they installed one. With that being said we are going to discuss why we believe you should have a dash camera system installed into your vehicle.

What is a dash camera system?

A dash camera system is a visual recording device installed into your vehicle to record video as well as audio of each journey you take. There are three main types of dash cameras available including:

Front view cameras – these are one of the most popular cameras; they capture everything in front of you, including all traffic ahead of you. They are one of the cheaper options you can purchase.

Front and back view cameras – this is an excellent option as it records both what’s in front of you and what is behind the vehicle. The most common incident that happens on roads is rear-ended collisions where you may have been at a standstill waiting, and someone drives straight into the back of you. In some cases, people do drive off once hitting someone, so they cant be caught, however with a rear dash camera even if they do this you can still report them to the police with evidence and claim on their insurance. It covers your back (literally).

Cabin view cameras – rather than checking the road these cameras provide a birds-eye view inside the car. This is more beneficial if you wish to improve your own driving habits, however, provides no view outside your vehicle.

Dash camera systems are now legal in the UK, and you do not need any special permission to have one in your vehicle. You also don’t need to notify anyone you have one, simply install, turn on and drive as you usually would.

For more information on the best dash camera systems to purchase visit Tech Advisor.


Many car collisions or accidents are not settled quickly and can sometimes take months for your insurance claims to go through. With a dash cam, you can provide your insurance with the information to which may speed up the process. It helps to protect your personal no claims discount.

Why install?

Dash cameras are becoming increasingly popular; they are an efficient way to see how others drive as well as you. They are extremely useful at seeing who is potentially at fault when an accident occurs. It is common knowledge that unfortunately, not everyone sticks around after they caused a collision on the road, so a dash camera is a great way of capturing their car information, to which you can then report to both the police and your insurance.

Some dash cameras have parking sensors, which helps massively when you’re parked in a huge parking lot. Many scrapes and scratches happen to your vehicle from other cars or van trying to park near you. The parking sensor is detected when someone hits a wing mirror, or the car feels any sort of movement. This could help you in catching someone who has caused damage to your vehicle but not left a note.

Insurance scamming is becoming a lot more popular, and you want to protect yourself from becoming a victim of this. There are a variety of scams out there including:

Drivers coming to an abrupt stop so you will drive straight into them
People walking out into the middle of the road trying to get hit
The phantom victim who will claim the accident was far worse than it actually was

For more information about being a victim of car collision fraud read The AA article on Avoid becoming a victim of fraudsters.

Road rage is also becoming an awful occurrence on the roads. If someone is intentionally trying to rile you up or simply has extreme road rage by driving dangerously report them to the police with your dash cam footage.

Dash camera footage cam is used in court and is a source of information. You often see dash cam footage on local news sites to see if anyone knows whom the driver is.

Will it change the way I drive?

A dash camera systems will make you more aware of the way your drive. It will provide you with evidence of bad habits you may have picked up behind the wheel. It will show you whether you have your lights on at the right time and whether you are a safe enough distance from the cars in front of you.

Dash camera systems are one of the most useful pieces of car technology, even if you are a careful driver. More importantly, if you are driving long distances, it will document the journey and any hazards along the way.


Accidents can happen at any time, and unfortunately, you cannot always react quickly enough. It can often be difficult to resolve issues such as insurance claims so having sufficient evidence will help you. Having a dash camera can provide you with substantial evidence that can be used in court against the person that caused the collision. Additionally, you may find that in the future by having a dash cam insurers end up reducing their premiums.

You may also find yourself capturing the unexpected; you may even be able to document other collisions on the road. You can protect yourself as well as others.

If you find yourself in a situation where you have minor damage to your vehicle you should visit a minor crash repair service. You can receive expert advice on how your car may need repairing. Additionally, if you are unsure of what dash cam you want to buy you can as your local garage for more advice.

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