If you notice a difference with the way the front of your car looks, it appears indented or uneven, you may ask yourself when do you need bumper repair? Then you should probably think about getting a bumper repair. Not to panic! It’s not as serious or difficult as what you may think. A simple process and identification is all you need.

What is the process?

Within 3-4 hours, and restored using the highest quality paint products and the top quality materials. Any scuffs, indents or major/minor scratches will be refined by the skilfully trained team. All the paint is mixed from our state of the art in house paint scheme. We only use leading paint products on your motorcar. This is for you to know that we only use and want the best for our customers.

But what if it is only a minor bump?

Even with just a minor bump, it can still have a long term damage effect on your car. It is very easy to forget about it because it is only small. It will be beneficial for you cost wise to get it sorted out straight away. We as a company, always advise and encourage our customers to get any minor bump/scratches on your motorcar seen to, just to be on the safe side.

The scuff’n’Scratch’ way

Here at Scuff’n’Scratch our first point of call is putting our customers first. We want you to get the best value for your money, and we are also here to advise you with what the best step is looking forward. We have only the best highly trained staff, that are passionate and very good and what they do fixing your motorcar. In addition, the high quality paint products and top materials, contribute to the outstanding service/end result which every customer receives.

Customer review in Aylesbury

If you’re looking for a bumper repair in Aylesbury, I highly recommend Scuff ’N’ Scratch Solutions. I’ve recently had my bumper repaired, and they did an excellent job. Read More

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