Unfortunately, you cant always escape a car accident; you might not see another vehicle and accidentally hit or scratch it. There are a number of other reasons why you may be in a minor accident, which might mean you require minor crash repairs, here we tell you why you may need it!

What is minor crash repairs?

Minor crash repair is whereby small cosmetic body repairs can be done where you may have a panel with either a scratch or dent. Minor crash repair is much cheaper than replacing a full panel. We always recommend getting in touch with a member of Scuff N Scratch if you have a dent, scrape or scratch as it may not require a full replacement.

Why choose an independent company over insurers?

Contacting your insurance company can be tough at the best of times but when dealing with a car incident, it can be both frustrating and tiresome. Most insurance companies will provide you with the opportunity to go through one of their car bodywork providers.

While some business may not be on your specific insurance list, there are many independent car body repairs in Milton Keynes that are an approved insurance repair company. By going through your insurance, you could be paying out large excess fees depending on what you applied for when you first bought your insurance. You could also lose your no claims bonus by going through your insurance which can increase your policy in the future.

You should be careful with your no claims bonus, even if you are not at fault you could still potentially lose it as you have made a claim against another driver even if they have admitted liability for the accident. The devastating news with claiming is that no matter how you claim your insurance policy could only increase in the future.

If the damage to your vehicle is only a couple of hundred pounds we highly recommend going through an independent car garage. Not only does it save you the hassle of going through your insurance company but you are better off not claiming at all.

Why should I fix my car?


There are many reasons to why you should fix a dent in your car, the most important being for fuel economy and safety of those in the vehicle. With a dent your car is not as aerodynamic, meaning there is more drag on the vehicle when driving at speed.


You may also experience a significant amount of rust around the affected area; if the areas are not treated in time, it could cause more issues to the car body paintwork which may require paint restore and restoration in Aylesbury. Rust can build up quickly due to the elements we often experience here in the UK. The combination of sunshine, rain and salt from the roads can all speed up the process of corrosion.


Safety is something that most definitely should not be compromised; you should always make sure that your car is safe for not only the driver but also passengers travelling in the car. If your dent is at the front of the vehicle it could affect the crumple zone on the car; if you were to be in contact with another vehicle in the future, you are not as protected. The bumper on your car is there for a reason; it is meant to absorb the impact of anything that comes into contact with it. If you have been hit anywhere else on the car not only should you have the dent repair but we highly recommend taking the vehicle for car repairs, sometimes your car can experience significant damage that may not be visible when there is only minor cosmetic damage to the bodywork.

Decreased value

When going to look at cars one of the first things people look for is any damage to the outer body and paintwork. There is nothing worse than finding the perfect car to see it has small cosmetic damage that could have been dealt with by the previous owner. More likely than not when someone wants to purchase your vehicle they are going to haggle the price.

In some cases, depending on the severity of the dent you could be loosing out on masses amount of money. The aesthetic of both the interior and exterior of the vehicle is now just as important as the mechanical condition. By having your car repaired, you will only reap the rewards, while it may seem expensive at first you may not only get the money you’re spent back. Depending on how well the repair has been done you may be able to add a few pounds to the resale price.

Why shouldn’t I repair it myself?

First things first, you should only ever be thinking of fixing dents yourself if you have been trained in doing so. Not only can you cause significant damage to your vehicle if done incorrectly you can also cause yourself harm.

Technicians are usually highly trained in dealing with car dents and paint body work. Meaning they are less likely to cause further damage to your vehicle. Technicians will also have the relevant safety precautions in place to prevent any harm to themselves or others; safety is paramount when dealing with a car.

If you take your car to an approved car bodywork repair company they will have the right colours; many businesses provide colour matching services. Here at Scuff N Scratch, we use colours approved by manufacturers.


We always think it best if you really don’t need to, to not claim on your insurance. You will only be better off in the future, by making a claim, you will not only have to deal with your insurance company, but your insurance premium will be significantly higher in the future.

There are a number of car body repair companies that are approved by insurers. If you have a small dent or scratch, we recommend going through an independent company.

By leaving a dent or scratch, you can dramatically decrease the value of your vehicle. You can also experience rust build up which means your car is exposed to corrosion.

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