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Something More to Know About Alloy Wheel Refurbishment.

Alloy wheels are a significant investment, which add to the overall aesthetic of the vehicle. After a couple of years of everyday use, do the alloy wheels still look as good?

When one or more wheels become damaged from hitting a curb or as a result of replacing the tyre, the option to replace is an expensive one let alone being able to find an exact match.

Scuff N Scratch Solutions can repair and refurbish these damaged wheels and save you the time and expense in returning your alloy wheels to their best. We have a state of the art in house system that allows us to refurbish your wheels in one working day back to there former glory. All of our technicians are fully trained with the latest products in the industry and can provide you with the best options to refurbish your wheels.

We have a modern in-house refurbishment center here at Scuff N Scratch Solutions and can offer a 1 day service with fully oven baked wheels offering you the best finish on your wheels for a face re-furb in our local area. As we offer a same day service it means you are not inconvenienced by loosing your car or wheels for 3-4 days like some other companies offering a traditional dip and strip service.

We can match the paint on most manufactures paint schemes and mix all of our paint on site. We can also offer a colour change to your wheels and even do custom colours if you require.

Please take a look below at some of the below pictures or follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see even more process shots of vehicles we have worked on.

Customer feedback and reputation is crucial to us at Scuff N Scratch Solutions to help us grow in our local area so please feel free to check out our testimonials on our site and Facebook page regarding customers that are extremely happy with our alloy wheel refurbishment process.

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Why Choose Us to Refurbish Your Wheels?

  • We only use the most up to date specialist alloy wheel manufactured paints
  • We have a state of the art Alloy wheel refurbishment unit
  • We can complete the refurbishment of the faces of your alloys with in one working day bringing them back to show room condition
  • Our trained technicians will always advise you the best way to have your wheels refurbished
  • We can save you plenty of money on the refurbishment of your wheels compared to the traditional dip and strip service provided by some companies .
  • No inconvenience of loosing your wheels or vehicle for 3-4 working days like other alloy wheel refurbishment companies.
  • All our wheels are oven baked and sealed to provide outstanding durability
  • 6 month paint warranty given with all our wheel refurb’s

Call us now on 01908 377217 for your FREE quotation regarding wheels refurbishment


Our alloy wheel technician painting wheels in our custom wheel ovens


Our alloy wheel prep station


Our custom made alloy wheel spray both / ovens

We can refurbish all different types of alloy wheels with different finishes to change the appearance of the wheels.

We can offer a colour change service and also offer matte or normal style lacquer finishes.

Contact us direct if you have more questions and for price. See below for some before and after shots of what we can do for you.


BMW Z3 Split Rim


BMW 3 series colour change


Mercedes AMG Refurb and colour change


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