Small Dent Repair & Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)

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Almost Every Vehicle Is Vulnerable to Small Dents, Which Can Be Caused by Everyday Use, Vandals Or Small Crash Incidents.

Either way they create an unsightly annoyance and can eventually rust if the paint is broken causing more damage to the panel.

Scuff N Scratch solutions will remove the attention they create and repair them, by perfectly matching the paint colour and surface level of the standard paint work.

We can match any colour of paintwork supplied by manufactures over the last two decades, offering our customers an accurate and cost effective alternative to replacing panels and at a much more acceptable price.

Many small dents can be accidentally caused by car doors in car parks, shopping trolleys, other motorists or by even just leaning on your vehicle. However they are caused and we have a solution here at Scuff N Scratch Solutions to repair and allow the effect to be greatly minimized and near always at an undetectable level.

Our in house specialist PDR Paintless dent removal technician has over 15 years experience of getting your dented panels back to their formal glory for the fraction of the cost of skimming and painting the panel . If the paint isn’t cracked and we can gain access to the rear of the panel then we can normally get the dent out and get the panel back to 100 % for you.


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BMW 3 series with a dented bonnet and wing we repaired


Ford Fiesta rear dented quarter and scuffed bumper repair


Porsche 911 dented rear quarter repair before and after shots.

Paintless Dent Removal ( PDR )

Some smaller dents that can occur from car doors opening into yours or small impacts will not require to be filled and painted.

We will be able to use a technique called Paintless Dent Removal ( PDR ) to remove your dents and get your panels back to standard saving you even more money on traditional bodyshop methods. Please see below for some examples and contact us for prices or any further details.


Dented Peugeot 206 before and after PDR process applied


Citroen Picasso dented rear tailgate before and after pdr process

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